By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Little Boys, oh
You don’t stand a chance
You think “You’ll be the Man”
But You ask Her to dance

You think that You’re
The Big Man
but before too long
you’ll see
it isn’t Her who’s asking
or down upon one knee 

She’s smarter than You’ll
ever be from her first
years back in school
You get to make the money
but she gets to make the rule 

You spent Your time on sports and games
and drinking way too much
you thought you were so cool
with a Lover’s touch

You spent Your time out in the sun
she learned her lessons too
she played with Barbie, so much fun
she learned just what to do

’twas Ken, come here and Ken, go there
Not now, I’m on the phone
and much too late You learn at last
the things You should have known

she learned to be the boss so well
she can fight and she can pout
and most times you don’t even know
what it’s all about

And when You think You’ve had enough
and You shall be the King
she’ll close Your store and leave behind
The Ruler’s wedding ring 

So, take this piece of sage advice,
Happy wife!
Happy Life!

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “THE RULER’S RING – REPRISE

    1. Ha! You make me laugh, My Dear!! Yes, I’m slightly afraid I may face legal action for revealing trade secrets? LOL! One of my law school classmates revealed this to me and when I thought about it I was quite stunned at how unprepared guys are to deal with such major preparation by girls for what a relationship entails!!!

      Nice of you to share it with Hubby! It should ease some of the pain in know the deck was stacked against him/all of us guys, from the start!

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