Please come and read Megha’s uplifting and inspiring – “STRANDED” and let her know if you had any favorite lines.

Megha's World

ashley-bean-90639Oh! why I’m here
This world built on illusions
World based on realities
World based on hope, anger, dreams

I know your intentions are clear
I know your dreams, your plans
I know how it works
I know how it ends

It’s just I’m stuck in middle which has no beginning no end
Running out of gas in a place which does not exist
Stranded in the middle of nowhere
Lost on the verge of earth
Living a dream based on illusions

People wake up
And smell the earth after the rain
Dance in the light
Smell the roses
Kiss the child
Let yourself be loved
Feel your ecstasy
Quench your thirst
Paint your own rainbows
Don’t wait for the weather to change

Feel the butterfly on the tip
Smile for no reason
Be indifferent to sorrows
Feel the tears
Hold the palm and feel the warmth

Be the company

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