By Charles Robert Lindholm

Father’s Day Is Meant To Be A Time For Us To Spend Some
Time With Our Dad’s On The Third Sunday In June!   A Time To
Gather The Whole Family Around For A Barbecue And Good Old Family Fun And

Reminiscing About The Old Days When Everyone Was Much Younger And To Retell The Stories We Have About Dad And Ourselves.

Father’s Day Is A Special Day To Share Old Memories With Dad And
To Build New Ones Too, If You Are Blessed To Still Have Your Dad With You.  Be Sure And Take Lots Of Photos And Make New Memories If You Are Among The Lucky Ones!

Some Of Us Have Had Our Dad’s Pass On And Are Now The Family’s Oldest Dad, So Father’s Day Has A Deeper Meaning To Us As We Look Back And Think Of The Last Memory Of Seeing Dad.

Families Are Complicated, Sometimes!  Most People Didn’t Live A Walt Disney Family Life.  Some Don’t Have Warm And Fuzzy Memories.  But Whatever Your Memory I Would Encourage You To Take Today As An Opportunity To Remember And Write Out – “The Last Memory I Have Of Seeing Dad”!

This Wasn’t Meant To Be A Writing Prompt, But Perhaps It’s Not Such
A Bad Idea To Write About Dad.  Take Out A Pen And Paper And Put It Down In Ink, The Old Fashioned Way (Or A Keyboard If You Must).  Close Your Eyes And Relive The Last Moments You Remember Seeing Your Dad And Let Those Images And Feelings Flow Onto The Paper.  Say What Your Heart Needs To Say!  Open Up Your Mind’s Memory Box And Play – “The Last Memory I Have Of Seeing Your Dad”

Let Love And Joy And/Or Forgiveness Flow Over Your Soul!  Give Yourself Permission To Sit Quietly Alone In A Room And Remember, And Then Write It Out So You Will Have It On Record!

Write Out – “The Last Memory I Have Of Seeing Dad”  For Yourself, Your Family And The Rest Of The World!!!!

Happy Father’s Day To You And Yours!!  May It Be A Blessed Day For All!

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Inspired By My Poem – “A SPECIAL TIME WITH HIM

Special Thanks For The Inspirational Nudge Provided By “The Tunnel Of Music” By Miriam Hurdle On Theshowerofblessings Blog For The Inspirational Seed For – ” A SPECIAL TIME WITH HIM “



  1. I so agree! You can only write when the time is right. Let it ripen in your own time! Sorry to hear you were away when you Dad passed! I know that feeling too. There was no way for me to get to my Dad’s side before he passed and in reality I appreciate the last memory I had with Dad as written in my “A Special Time With Him”. Life can definitely be a bear!!!

    Here is a quote from a post by Eugenia from her Tribute to her mom.

    There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.-Maya Angelou

    Blessings to you John!!!


  2. In 1996. I took first daughter to visit my father in Pennington Gap, Virginia. We spend 5 days together. He died three weeks later while I was deployed. Good days remembered.

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    1. Wow! Thanks so much John for sharing that! It’s the kind of message we all need to remember – don’t put off spending time with loved ones! So happy you and your daughter have such a sweet and what was a very current last memory of him!

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  3. Last memory I have of my father is seeing me off at the airport when I was going outside the country for a business visit.
    I lost my father 15 years back very close to father’s day.He will always be my strength.
    Thanks Chuck for this.

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    1. I’m so happy this triggered memories of your Father. So sorry about the passing of your Dad! I’m sure you have wonderful memories you treasure!! Thanks so much for your great comment! I think you have a tribute to you Dad in your Soul’s Work In Progress???

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