6 Female Habits That Men Simply Adore, Will Surprise You!


Every man should respect and love his lady and be aware that she is the most valuable thing in his life. Although they love their women with all their hearts, there are still some small things that annoy them just a little bit and we all know that sometimes they can be a bit difficult. Writing messages or calling all the time, acting like a child, going shopping every day are some of the things men consider annoying. However, enough with the female habits that men consider annoying and let’s concentrate on the things that they adore in women.

Below we offer 6 main habits men simply adore in women:

Laying your head on his chest

All men simply love it when a woman places her head on his chest. This makes them feel protective, strong and gives them self-confidence. Women also feel secure when they do this, which is…

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If I Trust You, Will You Hurt Me Too?

Come see what your response is to the question – “If I Trust You, Will You Hurt Me Too?”

Thriving Not Surviving

My feelings for you overwhelm me sometimes. I want to be cautious, protect myself. I need to move forward slowly, taking time to get to know the real you. I truly haven’t known you that long, and there’s so much to learn. What are your hopes, your dreams? What are your fears? Who are you, deep down where no one has looked before?

I’ve allowed myself to be swept into a romantic fantasy before, and I almost paid the ultimate price. I was fooled by his charm, mistook his attention for affection. I wanted to believe what he was telling me and so I did, almost without question. I failed to see his true character because the one he portrayed seemed to be all I’d ever wanted.

I can’t risk that again, yet I’m drawn to you. I could talk to you endlessly, swaying on the porch swing, my head…

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Something important

Come see why sometimes a man has a hard time dealing with two conflicting thoughts!!

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

I was going to write

something important, relevant, meaningful and deep

something incisive, prophetic, intuitive and bold

something intelligent, articulate, perceptive and wise

something that would make you see me

in a different light.

But all I can think about

is removing your clothes.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

This post is two years old, but the sentiment never is.

Art by Paul Boswijk

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By Charles Robert Lindholm




               TRYING TO HOLD ON                                                          

               BUT THE WINDS OF REALITY                                                     


               TOO HARD                                                         

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