By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I only have my words
to show you
the dreams
that I can see,

the wondrous colors
and shapes,
the future
and what will be,
happiness, love,
justice and equality

I am not a painter
who can portray
the things I see,

I am not a photographer
who can capture
an image of reverie,

I am no sculptor
to create what I can feel
in reality

I only have my words 

but words
have power
and magic
and majesty
and beauty 

They can heal
bring you joy
and help
blind eyes see
the beauty of life
and love
and trust
in eternity

I only have my words
and I have not
etched them in stone 

instead I have
etched them
on your soul
with ink on paper 

I only have my words
and I hope they are

Copyright © 2017  Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by Paul F. Lenzi and his wonderful poem “No One Else” and;
the comment to this poem by VivaChange77

44 thoughts on “I ONLY HAVE MY WORDS – REPRISE

  1. I would bet your words are enough! They are beautiful and well received. Congratulations on being selected among the favorite poets of 2018 ! ❤


    1. Why thank you, Bette!!! I am so happy you enjoyed this! Yes, words do hold magic and power, don’t they? I am so indebted to My Friend – Paul Lenzi for the seed of inspiration for this poem from his poem – NO ONE ELSE. I just heard the other day that Paul passed away. We will miss him but his words will live on in the hearts of those that read his words – THE POWER OF WORDS, just as you wisely stated!

      Thanks so much for your view and comment!!! Be sure and click on the link to Paul’s poem if you haven’t already! See if you might be able to guess the line/s that inspired this poem? I really appreciated your comment!!!

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        1. It was my pleasure, Dear! Yes, now I’m hoping his family will leave his blog up so I can go back through his Archive! See, this is exactly what I love about writing. You have a legacy you can leave long after passing. Better than an artist too since only one person can keep a work of art but books and poems can be spread like the leaves of Autumn!!!

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    1. Oh, thank you Tiffany!! I so appreciate your visit and comment! You are so kind!!
      Thank you so much for following my blog!! I hope you will find my words worthy of your precious time!!

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    1. You surely know how to make a Little Ol’ Poet blush!! LOL! Thank you so much for your very kind words and for commenting. So happy your enjoyed my words! I do hope you can be tempted into return visits!!!

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      1. Oh I love your writing. Tender and lovely! Just what the ladies always need! You dear man are so very welcome! 🙂 Return visits are a sure thing when I am here!

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        1. Oh, thank you so much!!! Ha! There you go again, making me blush! I guess it’s just being a sentimental romantic??? I will look forward to your visits/views and comments, Dear Myth!

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