Don’t Miss this sensuous – PROPHECY

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Art by Casey Baugh

She gives me her palm to read.

I trace a line

from the tip

of her index finger

to the flickering

nervous pulse

in her wrist.

Then along the pale skin

of her arm.

I climb the rise

of her breasts

and traverse

her elegant shoulder.

I tenderly

stroke her throat

and chin

and cheeks.

I touch the curve of her lips

then softly kiss

her mouth

with a prophecy.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Written two years ago, but I hope the reader does not mind the repeat

Art by Casey Baugh

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Fleeting romance

Come enjoy and remember the sweet joys of a – FLEETING ROMANCE and the lifetime memories left behind in Megha’s poem!

Megha's World

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”
― Oscar Wilde

Oh! how fleeting it was
how softly it made me blush
left my heart
feeling so sanguine
a feathered touch
that soft subtle feeling
those fleeting glances and
catching them through
the corner of the eyes
I’m trying to hide that feeling
so fervently
where it breaks all the barriers
and gushes out of my heart
ready to conquer the world
and paint this sky red
Oh! my fleeting romance
it came and went
tiptoeing in the corners of my soul
leaving an indelible mark
leaving ripples in my soul
etching your essence
in the deep corners of my self
a soft
too touch
too fleeting
to be felt.
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Too Beautiful For Me

Come read what most guys feel like when they are in love!!

Frank Solanki

If the angels were to come down
With all the beauty they ever had
They’d fade away against my girl
Her beauty can’t be compared
I don’t know how anyone could ever be
So beautiful. She’s too beautiful for me

I’m assuming I am quite lucky
The heavens must love me a lot
Of all the pretty girls out there
She’s the one that I have got
I don’t know how anyone could ever be
So beautiful. She’s too beautiful for me

I’m a little boy in wonderland
When I have her by my side
She’s pleasing to the eye as well
She delights my heart inside
I don’t know how anyone could ever be
So beautiful. She’s too beautiful for me

I never knew what beauty is
Till I laid my eyes on her
Now that I know her well
She’s more beautiful than ever

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I am gone

Come and read a great poem on successfully letting go!

Confab With Me

I am gone
like the whiff of wind
for I stalled for long
longing for you
holding my yearning heart
to get your attention
for you to accept my love

I am gone
for despite of showing
utmost sincerity in my words
and in displaying my earnest love
you showed ignorance
and left me hanging for eternity

I am gone
for your callous abrasion
for taking me for granted
showing me hope
and then snapping it away
for your boisterous claim
assuming I will never be gone

You may think it is a false alarm
and I will return
like flowers returning in spring
like the moon coming out of silhouette
like the sun appearing every dawn
but this time you are wrong
for I am gone
never to return again

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s…

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