I Am Who I Am

Do come and enjoy Kim’s strong and wise poem on contentment and acceptance in – I AM WHO I AM


I am not a beauty queen rather just your average girl.
My hair is long and straight but I wish it had some curl.
I am not rich but I make it on my own.
I am not materialistic I don’t require the newest phone.
I am not a genius with a high IQ.
I am smart but i am always looking for more knowledge to persue.
Knowledge is power you can never have to much.
Our world changes so rapidly I don’t want to be out of touch.
I don’t drive a fancy car or wear a big diamond ring.
I don’t have to eat out at lunch for my lunch I like to bring.
I like to cut corners if I can save a buck.
However, I am not so tight that I can’t toss a coin in the fountain for good luck.
I like to help others…

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