By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Aged memories
weathered and worn
through the years
from continual

ragged around the edges
crumpled and creased
reliving the tender moments
captured in time
from so long ago 

still vivid
and alive in my heart
and in my soul
after all these years 

aged memories
treasured reminders
of you
of us
that I still savor
over and over
in my days
in my dreams
or in the silent
darkness of the night
just before the dawn 

I keep aged memories
that are crumpled and creased
with ragged edges
that have frayed some
through the years
but have never faded 

I hide them
deep in my heart 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

A Response Poem to “Untold Stories” by Jennifer Ann Fifield on The Writing Life

13 thoughts on “AGED MEMORIES – REPRISE

        1. Ha! You make me laugh, My Dear! Just like me! I am so honored that you find my words worthy of your precious time and want to explore my archives. I will tell you that you have made my words love you!!! LOL!!

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          1. Oh my!! You really know how to make a Little Ol’ Poet’s week, My Dear!!!! I am stunned and honored by your sweet comment!! So happy you like exploring in my archives (Disclosure – I have about 400 poems that date back to my second divorce. I’m now married to an Angel for 18 years and she has given me a hope of heaven!!)

            You are the Perfect Personification of my inspiration for – “I ONLY HAVE MY WORDS”!!! I hope you will be tempted to go check that out – You are the reason to write!!!
            Bless You, My Dear!!!!!

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