I Am Who I Am

Do come and enjoy Kim’s strong and wise poem on contentment and acceptance in – I AM WHO I AM


I am not a beauty queen rather just your average girl.
My hair is long and straight but I wish it had some curl.
I am not rich but I make it on my own.
I am not materialistic I don’t require the newest phone.
I am not a genius with a high IQ.
I am smart but i am always looking for more knowledge to persue.
Knowledge is power you can never have to much.
Our world changes so rapidly I don’t want to be out of touch.
I don’t drive a fancy car or wear a big diamond ring.
I don’t have to eat out at lunch for my lunch I like to bring.
I like to cut corners if I can save a buck.
However, I am not so tight that I can’t toss a coin in the fountain for good luck.
I like to help others…

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live life now

Do No Miss Afzal Moola’s profound and enchanting – LIVE LIFE NOW

Scribbled Verse

photography from google

live life now …

clutching, grasping,

holding onto,

gulping down, hungrily,

each breath, every breath,

fearing the onset of the years,

the splinters of time



this moment, the very now,

numbed by repetition,

embalmed by trepidation,

of tomorrows yet to dawn,

suspiciously sifting through the strands of greying hair,

seeking clues,

the because to the whys,

the slow mornings,

restless nights,

jabbing reminders,

as years, decades,

scurry, scamper,


feeling it all slipping away,

standing, immobile,

stilled by the implacable sentinels at the doorstep,

these immovable sentries,

concealing the door,

that leads to today …

photograph from google

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The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Sona A.

Do come and read about our Friend and romantic poet Sona in – THE BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT FEATURING SONA A.

Ragazza Triste

Hey, lovelies! Before I announce the next blogger to be featured, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to all of you. A few days ago, I posted a negative monologue, a prose full of hate and negativity. I was feeling morose and withdrawn, I needed to loosen up. I didn’t think a lot of you would care and show any concern, I was wrong, you guys are amazing; I felt the love and the genuine support. Thank you. My heart is bursting with pride because I found you guys. Thank you for the love!


NAME: Sona A

BLOG PAGE: Sparkling Sona

BLOG LINK: https://wordsfromheartinc.wordpress.com/

Sona is a very talented writer. Her poems are impressive, she’s genuine and sincere. I think it’s safe to say that she’s a romantic like me, that’s why I like reading her works. When…

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1000 Words Worth 12#

Come join in – 1,000 WORDS WORTH 12# by Rory Matier! If you’ve ever wanted
to know the origin of the quote “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” Rory has left this as a bonus at the end of his post – DON’T MISS THIS!