Come and enjoy Penny’s – INSPIRATION and then answer her two questions at the end!

Penny Wilson Writes

My posting here has been sporadic lately.  I’ve written a few good pieces and think that my writing continues to improve.  But there are certainly days when inspiration is lacking.

Writing, for the most part, has simply been me sitting at the keyboard attempting to express something I’m feeling.  OR, my process for writing can be inspired by almost anything; a word, a phrase, a memory.  Very often, the inspiration is music.  I never know what will strike me.  I’m going to share a few things with you that have inspired me.

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Love fool

Come and listen to the words of a – LOVE FOOL!

Megha's World


If I let the door ajar to my


wear my heart on the sleeve

trust every smiling face

and every fake praise

tainted with those broken desires

then the fault is in me

If I let him be the sweet talker

and blush at every small

trivial comment

sing his praises

to my heart’s content

then it is my wrongdoing

if I let those shiny trinkets and 

gifts blind me

and I could not see the 

deception he was planning all along

and devilish desires in his smirk

and his pursed lips

if I am blinded by all those

signs and 

the illusion of the love 

got the best of me

Believe me, my friends, 

the joke’s and the laugh is on me.

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash


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By Charles Robert Lindholm

there are always greener pastures     

there are always bigger fish                        

 bigger, better, different                            

 it’s called “the endless wish”                             


  an endless wish for fantasy                          

  and romance on demand                           Continue reading

Your Worth

Come enjoy – YOUR WORTH

Confab With Me

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Here To Stay

Come enjoy Sarah’s beautiful love poem – HERE TO STAY! “Sometimes all anyone needs is a little reassurance.”

Sarah Doughty

“I know you’re scared.
And I know you’ve been hurt.
But I’m not going anywhere.”

“No,” he said, “you can’t take the easy way out and run from this.” His hand reached toward mine and he put my hand against his chest, right over his heart, stopping the hurricane of doubts in my head. “I know you’re scared. I know you’ve been hurt. But I love you. I’m not going anywhere. And this heart beats only for you.”

Words escaped me as I tried to choke back the tears — not just the helpless ones, the ones that streamed down my face as I broke my own heart — but, for once, there were tears of happiness. As my heart mended its cracks, I didn’t hesitate. I crashed into him and hugged him tight. His arms held me up. Held me together. And I knew I’d never have to be…

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