Birds Give Me Hope

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Roth Poetry


Birds Give Me Hope

When the world around us spins out of control

Feeling all is lost // feeling fear’s on a roll

Just look out the window // watch the birds

Coming and going without a word

EER_0603.JPGRed ones // blue ones // yellow and brown

Eating seeds from the feeder // as some eat off the ground

Songs always follow as they sit on a limb

Raising their voices // like they’re singing a hymn

EER_0737.JPGEER_1498Watching out for each other with a harsh warning call

Knowing danger to one is danger to all

Some birds are pests // just like us humans

Predators and freeloaders always fuming

EER_0157EER_0214But in the end // they all live as one

In their woodland communities when the day is done

Continuing on with nest full of young ones

EER_0179They have no king //no queen nor president

But they all live together each…

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