By Charles Robert Lindholm 

There’s something
about silence
that breaks
a writer’s block
sitting in the darkness
listening to the clock

Ticking and then tocking
as it slowly
starts to knocking
down the dam
of rocks still blocking
from flowing freely
onto empty pages
yearning to be marked
with ink from your pen
in words
well written
spelling out
the love in your heart 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

This was a poem written the day before reading DavyD’s “Mail” that touched on the subject of writing with a pen.  Is it possible to write a response poem before reading the original??  I think this may be such an example??


  1. An interesting thought Chuck about writing a response to a poem before reading it. I suppose as writers and poets we all search for a difference in the world. Sometimes the universe puts these things out for us and there are occasions when we grasp them around the same time. Loved the poem and thank you for providing the link. It is greatly appreciated.

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    1. Yes, I do agree! I think maybe my Muse rushed the inspiration date on my poem?? The Universe does put things out there and it just depends on who gets what, when! Ha!
      Was happy to provide the link! I really appreciate your comment!!

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