By Charles Robert Lindholm

I only meant to look
To admire the design
The wonder of the shape
And the beauty of the line

 The form, the flow, the symmetry
The elegance and grace
But the light upon the surface
Moved me from my place 

It seemed just like a fantasy
A dream that wasn’t real
Compelled I had to touch it
To see how it would feel 

Cold as ice, smooth as glass
But I didn’t pull away
Frozen to the bond I made
I knew I’d want to stay 

I felt I held it firmly
But I began to see
The thing that I was feeling
Had a grip on me 

I never thought the bond would break
That’s when I felt a drip
The beginning of the end and then
The hold began to slip 

It never really lasted long
And the frozen bond was broken
The joy of touching ended
And the love to go unspoken

 Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


    1. I’m so very, very happy you enjoyed this. Seems you are a singular fan! Actually preferred! This is one of the pieces I really love and so accurately captured my feelings at the time. Makes me appreciate you More!

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