Did you know? A beginners guide to reblogging on #WordPress

Come learn why you should consider reblogging the posts of writers you enjoy. Sue shows you the in’s and out’s and makes it easy if you haven’t done it yet!! Try it???

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I’m no technical genius and when I first started blogging, I needed to learn my way around the WordPress system. It is pretty much common sense and easy enough to set up. If you get stuck, there are plenty of helpful articles and forums that show you how to do pretty much anything. Just type the question into your search engine.

The one thing they cannot do, though, is answer questions you didn’t know you should ask. Over the past few days I have become aware of how many of those little tweaks and tricks we learn about, then just take for granted. Reblogging was one area I found frustrating for a good while. It is a simple process, the press of a button, until the button is not there…

1. Can’t see the reblog button?
This took me ages to work out! Many blogs, including this one, have their…

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Come and listen to the inner peace and joy of a Mom when thinking of – YOU!

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Tuesday 22nd May


Remembering you

In the tranquility

Of a carefree moment


Thinking of you

During the quietude

Of a soundless night


Missing you

Amidst the serenity

Of a dazzling sunset


Loving you

Among the requiescence

Of inner peace


My darling Angel son


Porthmeor Beach

Harbour reflections

Sunny corner

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Something for her

DO NOT Miss this exquisitely and wonderfully awesome fulfillment of a lover’s wish in – SOMETHING FOR HER”!

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


She wishes he would write something for her.

A fantasy of endless, velvet, star-filled skies.

Of a wild, round, luminous moon hanging like a silver lantern. Of a warm, perfumed breeze stroking her hair and tugging gently at her dress.

Of the distant strains of a yearning, lone violin fading and rising through the whispering trees.

Of his hands releasing the pale silk gown from her eloquent shoulders, and it running off her naked body like a caress and falling with a sigh at her feet.

Of her perfect, dangerous, wondrous curves laid out by him on a cool, crisp white linen sheet. Of her arms and legs stretched wide. Of his tongue, his lips, his fingers over every inch of her tingling skin, upon her sensual mouth, her exquisite breasts, and her urgent, swollen, fragrant sex.

Of him filling her with pleasure, with joy, and with himself.

In every way.


She wishes he would write something for her.

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