It’s kinda complicated

Come and see if you agree – ITS’ KINDA COMPLICATED!


When I fell in love with you

I gave you my heart willingly

Asking for nothing in return.



I wanted you to love me back

Spend time with me

Call me

Return my calls

Understand me

Understand my moods

Understand my PMS

Live up to my expectations

Surprise me

Gift me

Cook for me

Treat me like a queen

Never argue

Never doubt

Love my dog

There are maybe a couple of more things

(I’ll write them when I remember)

Was it too much to ask??

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Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Come and read Ritu, coming to the rescue with info on the new “Privacy and GDPR Compliance” guidelines with the help of Marje!!

But I Smile Anyway...

I have borrowed Marje’s wonderful words to convey the information about GDPR on my blog, as I haven’t a clue otherwise!

The wording and compliance has been set as a page on my menu at the top of the blog.

This is a short post re: GDPR which comes into effect on May 25, 2018.
Any cookies on my website are used to ensure normal website functions. These cookies cannot be switched off because the website wouldn’t function properly without them. However, it is my understanding that these identifiers do not store any personal data.
When you leave a comment on this blog WordPress will automatically store your gravatar name, IP Address, comment, and email address. Therefore, leaving a comment is considered a definite intention, as defined by the GDPR giving me consent to store this information, and permission to contact you in the future.
But please rest assured that your personal information will…

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My Everything

Come and read Sarah’s deeply romantic and moving words in – MY EVERYTHING

Sarah Doughty

“And I owe you everything.
Because you saved me from myself.
You became my everything.”

Tonight, it feels like you’re miles away from me. And all that’s left is me and the moon. It’s not yet full, but it’s still glowing through my windows, reminding me that I’m not alone. I know that no matter how much sleep I lose, or how much agony I feel, you will be there waiting for me with open arms. And I know that is the comfort I really need.

I don’t know if there are enough words to tell you how much I love you for that. But not just for being my rock. For being there. No matter where my moods were swinging. No matter when I couldn’t speak through my tears. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve given me tears of genuine happiness. And I owe you everything. I owe you my…

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My realization.

Come read this wonderful inspiration for how to have hope and reach our dreams and goals!

My expressions

Dreams are for being realized. No matter what problems come in your way, don’t get disheartened and act in haste or irrational way. Taking decision at once may result in own loss, not anyone else. At least I have learnt this recently. Rethinking with cool mind may give you new ways out to reach your goal. May be it will take some more time, some more patience and hard work. But believe me it will happen whether with someone’s help or you alone will do it. SO be ready and get prepared to walk alone if time demands. Keep sticking to your dreams, breath them and live them. This is the only way to realize them.

Waiting to see you all on the other side of the land where the grass is green, sky is blue and life is beautiful.

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