By Charles Robert Lindholm

Sometimes Hidden Messages
Are There In Plain Sight,
Not Really Hidden At All,

Just Waiting To Be Seen
In A Different Light
And From A Different Point Of View,

No Intention
Of Being In The Spotlight
Or Needing It

No Microscope
Required To Understand
The Deeper Meanings

Simple Beauty
And Simple Truths
Will Find You

And Be Seen
Through New Eyes
And Whispered
To Your Soul
By The Universe

If You Will Only
Be Silent And Still
And Listen To
The Gentle Breezes

And Learn To See
In The Darkness

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit:
Vivian Zems Of Smellthecoffeeweb.Com
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14 thoughts on “HIDDEN MESSAGES

    1. Oh, Gina!! Your words are always so soothing to my soul! I so appreciate your visits/views and comments more than you know!! The Universe brings me the sweetest messages from around the world and I listen for the ones meant for me! You have made the words of this poem so happy too! It always makes my day to get a view or comment from you!

      Bless you Gina! Hope you had a great weekend!

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          1. i hope to be writing more about those travels, long weekend coming up and i want to stay home but who knows what the stars have in store for me. have a lovely rest of the week and thank you for being such a lovely friend Charles.

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