Find The One

Come and hear the Universe whispering the wisdom of the ages to every woman from Tosha’s – FIND THE ONE!

Be sure and listen to one of Billy Joel’s best songs ever – JUST THE WAY YOU ARE

Everything I Never Told You


Find the one who focuses on your
mind and not just the shape
of your curves.
The one who disrobes
your soul before discarding
your clothes.

Find the one who doesn’t
only immerse himself in
your softness, but in your
tangled spirit too.
The one who isn’t afraid of
your summer storms, or the
way you wear your imperfections
like a tree weighed
down by its vines.

Find the one who will listen
to you even when your tune
hints of dark dissonant notes,
and a song composed in rain.
The one who is hungry to
learn your history and how
each blade of grass shifted
and grew.

Find the one who sighs
your name not with regret
but with aliveness.
Seduction in the frequency
but tenderness too.
The one who loves you
whether the stove flames
or the kettle burns.

Find the one who sees you.
not just in…

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