By Charles Robert Lindholm 

“A blindside kiss
from out of the blue
a blindside kiss
a gift from you”

I never expected
to be crossing this line
I never expected
her lips on mine 

I never dreamed of
tongues, tangled and twisted
and I’m glad she didn’t ask
for I might have resisted

with her hands on my face
and that want in her eyes
I was longing to give her
my own surprise

the stroke of midnight
had come and gone
New Years was over
but we kept carrying on

I had a room
and we both had a need
and we didn’t need permission
for us to proceed

from the dance floor
through the room door
it’s all such a blur
all I remember is being with her

with passions raging
and clothes on the floor
her skin on my skin
left me begging for more

and with pulses pounding
to a jungle beat
we stroked the fire
and felt the heat

and it’s hard to believe
that each New Year’s eve
that fire’s still burning bright
whiter and hotter and better than ever
than it did that very first night

and each day she gives me
her sweet surprise
with her hands on my face
and that want in her eyes

and wonder of wonders
it started like this
her lips on mine

in a Blindside kiss

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


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