By Gina Gallyot And Charles Robert Lindholm

Between The Secrets And The Sadness

Hidden In Cracks And Crevices
And In The Shadows
Of The Spaces
Between Lines Of Poetry
Are Messages
Meant For You

Let Your Heart
Listen To The Whispers
Of The Universe

You Will Find Your Purpose
Your Dreams
And Your Voice

Copyright © 2018 Gina Gallyot And Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
A Duet With Words From Gina And Chuck

And Inspired By Gina’s – You Will Find

29 thoughts on “MESSAGES MEANT FOR YOU

  1. It is such a pleasure to have found your blog! I am “Letting [my] Heart Listen To The Whispers” and I am loving it. I’ll be back! ❤


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and insightful comment! It was such a privilege for me to be able to write with Gina! So happy you enjoyed it!!

      I totally agree with you about hidden messages! And sometimes it’s hiding in plain view but just requires looking at it in a slightly different way. I so often find this to be true when reading the works of others. It is so delightful to find a word or phrase used in one way by the writer but open to yet another and just as beautiful way from a different view or idea! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Always great to see you!!!

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  2. This is an excellent collaborative piece between two very gifted and inspiring writers. Thank you to both of you for all the beauty that you bring to this community and to the world through your writing.

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    1. Thank you, My Friend! So appreciative of your kind comments! Gina’s words have a special gift for touching the soul and they surely do mine! I always love the honor and privilege of writing with her!!
      Your comment really makes my day!!!


      1. You are so very welcome. You are, without a doubt, one of the brightest lights guiding the way here in this community. Gina also appears to be a very active and talented writer. I am so glad to know you.

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        1. Wow! You are too kind, My Friend!! I try and do my little part! I think you will find some bright lights at the Go Dog Go Cafe also.

          You sure know how to make my day! I so appreciate your consistent support of my blog! You might also want to check out – DavyD; Christopher McGeown; Megha (see my reblogs); Midwest Fantasy; Wordsworthsmuse to name just a few. Actually, you can see many of their posts on my site as reblogs.
          Hope you have been having a great weekend.

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          1. I actually end up reading most of their pieces as well, either through your re-blogs or directly (I follow them as well, it just depends on which I hit first when jumping around my feed).

            I really do appreciate Go Dog Go Cafe; I try to participate in their events when I am able, though time often gets in the way…

            Overall, I really just enjoy the entire community here. There are so many gifted writers, whether they write poetry, prose, short stories, journal entries, etc… I love the variety of styles and mindsets.

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          2. Ha! So happy you have me on your blogs to visit list! I like to reblog works that hit me and am happy to hear that they have been some of those you have enjoyed too. I like it if someone I trust has reblogged. It a personal recommendation I can trust.

            Happy to hear you are participating in Go Dog Go events. They are great! I think you are so right by your description of the WP community – it’s like a great Buffet! So happy you are enjoying your experience with WP. I am very honored to have you as a follower!!

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    1. High praise from you, My Dear since you are so blessed to know!! So happy this touched you. It was such an honor and privilege to share writing with Gina! She so talented and her work always speaks to me!! But then you know that feeling by writing with Andrew, very special??

      Thanks for all your visits/views and comments! Love the writing you and Andrew do, together and individually! Such great reads!!


    1. It always makes me happy to see that anything I write touches you! Writing with Gina made that almost a certainty. She is such a wonderful writer. It was such and honor and pleasure to be able to share a work with her! Her words seem to reach out to you from the page!

      Thank you so very much for all your visits/views and comments!! I am so glad you choose to follow my blog – honored!!!


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