Come and enjoy – STOLEN

Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Can’t say that I’ll miss you. How can I

miss something I’ve never truly known? You and

your walls. And I get it, I’ve been there. Holding onto the

pieces that haven’t been stolen. And that baggage you try to

let go, yet it follows. I can’t miss you though. You’re a little

more than a stranger, a little less than a friend. Never

giving us a chance, you only played pretend.

Photo by Christian Ferrer

Over the years Eyes + Words has turned into a wonderful budding family of over fifteen thousand people across all platforms. It’s surreal and humbling to know that the art of poetry and story is alive and thriving. That being said, I hope that the creation of the Eyes + Words Writers Group serves as a vehicle and launch pad to help and support writers and the aspiring ones to…

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