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Do Not Miss this exquisite and sensuous love poem – WRITE ME

Heart Breathings

write me in lead,
verse in unending lines,
in loops and curves,
without any rhyme

write me in sonnet,
without any words,
in fingertips, buoyant,
like the wings of birds

write me in symphony,
with only your eyes;
be the conductor,
between willing thighs

write me in love song,
with fists gripping tresses,
in fevered gasps and moans,
and sheets left in messes

write me in lead, Dear,
a powerful refrain,
then, erase me, My Love,
and do it again

-image found on Tumblr, source unknown

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Come and enjoy this beautiful poem – LION!!! Please read to the end!


This ‘Lion’ poem is a reblog of one I wrote and posted in 2017.  I decided to re-post it after a conversation I had with two young men who came to fix a leak in my roof this morning.  They were horrified at a large spider that has been living under the eaves of my garage for about six months.  Initially they couldn’t understand why I allowed it to live there in its beautiful web, or indeed why I allowed it to live at all.  I told them about the web ensnaring mosquitoes and flies and keeping them out of my kitchen.  They seemed to accept and understand this but then one of them asked what I thought about conserving wild animals such as lions.  Again I talked about their beauty, their role in the food chain and conservation in general.  Unfortunately they remained unconvinced about the necessity for the…

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Come and read what happens when – love touches you!!

Megha's World


It takes away all your inhibitions

strips down all your fears and 

scrubs away all the malice

and rubs that ever glowing concoction

of love and passion on you

to give you that ever glowing


that patina,

that is ageless and eternal

You cannot hide behind your facade

it will strip away your masks

and make you see the beautiful heart

you carry

and nurture within

it is your eternal mirror 

which reflects 

what no one can see

or can feel it either

it reflects you as YOU


washes away all your 

fears and inhibitions

it finally peels and strips

down the

piercing perceptions

embedded in your self 

for so long

and renders you pure

when love touches you deeply, my love

it leaves you naked.


Photo by Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

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