Come read Andrew’s – INFECTIOUS and let yourself be infected with enthusiasm.

Andrew Green's Poems

Enthusiam’s infectious

It really catches on.

Once you’ve been infected

You’re sure to pass it on.

It affects everyone around you

To really good effect

And once everyone has caught it

There’ll be no going back.

So give it a shot

And try to infect

Everyone around.

It’ll have an effect

There’ll be no going back

And there is no cure for that.

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The ruins still stand

Come and enjoy the heartfelt post – THE RUINS STILL REMAIN

Her Writing Haven

lost-places-3035877_960_720I’m still trying to forget
Sweep the rubble under the mat
Dust off the cushions
Where you once sat

But the ruins still stand
Weathered by all the storms
And my heart still feels
Ambivalent and torn

I pray that one day
The past will be buried deep
But the mountains which remain
Seem almost too steep

And I wonder where we’ll be
In the years ahead
Surely scaling those mountains
Or be lost instead

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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Nature And You

Come and enjoy this romantic love poem by Sarah where she explains why, “no matter where you are, I still think of you!”

Sarah Doughty

“No matter where you are,
I still think of you.”

Today, I feel the wind and I’m reminded of the way your fingers touched my face. I feel the sun, hidden behind the clouds, and that warmth surrounds me, reminding me of what it felt like to be in your arms. I hear the leaves moving and the creaks in the branches as the trees sway and it reminds me of the way your fingers tapped on the keyboard.

So I stand here, without moving, and no matter where you are, I still think of you.

© Sarah Doughty

All I can think about is you
and all those moments
we spent together.

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