By Charles Robert Lindholm

For Every Thing
There Is A Season
A Time That Comes
And Then Moves Away

Our Paths In Life
And The Sparks
Began To Fly

It Was A Summer
Long Ago
In A Humid
Hot July

Wild And Crazy
We Fell Hard
And We Fell Fast

With White Hot
Passions Burning
In Our Hearts
We Dreamed Our
Love Would Last

With Days And Nights
Of Ecstasy
The Days
So Swiftly

Intoxicated Lovers
Faced The Truth
And Found
The Magic Moments

No Ties To Bind
Two Restless Hearts
Who Loved Without Regret
In A Summer Season
Long Ago
That I Shall Not Forget

Two Shooting Stars Collided
And Put On Quite The Show
And I’m Glad We Had Our Season
In A Time So Long Ago

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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