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I’m in entwined with you
you ask me how
I say,
as the vines embrace the
strong arms of the tree
for their love and sustenance
I say,
I’m inseparable from you
you ask me how
I say,
as the
clouds hiding the
bouts of rain in them
I’m submerged in you
you ask me how
I say,
as the rivers gushing and rushing
towards oceans
to dwell in their forever
I rise from you and fall in you
You ask me how
I say,
as the fragrance of the flower
which soothes and pacify us
and still is inseparable
I’m born out of you
You ask me how
I say
as the two halves of a soul
sliced and living separately
till we make it one.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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  1. Thanx for posting such cool posts here. It seems I always find something or the other to inspire me to write my posts. My today’s post drew its inspiration from this beautiful post of Megha. Please do check it out. It’s called DO YOU, MY LOVE? My blog specially likes your visits. X


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