The Worm

Are you acquainted with tales of tenderness? No? Come read – THE WORM!

The Wandering Armadillo

are you acquainted with tales of tenderness?

voluble versions of vulnerability

from the pen of one

once a child

who would stoop for the lowly earth worm

on a perilous concrete passage

returning him to lush, moist loam

ending such an errant, wayward roam


what would you do with him?

alter the cadence of your stride?


and what of me?

for I am in your path

and the day is warm

offer me your shadow

there, a soothing darkness


threaten me with careless boot?

i’ve crossed such paths before

lulled in poikiloform torpor


no, gather me

my annuli traverse your heart line

your palm sensing shuffling setae

tender me to your love…

in tepid torpor, on soporific soil

tangling in such terrestrial toil 

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I thought

Have you found the missing puzzle pieces or answers to the riddles in your life! Come read – I THOUGHT!

Words Are All I Have

I knew the answers to the riddle that you seem to want me to answer.

But, what I discovered was not the truth I wanted to know

I thought you cared about my well-being  and now  I’ve never felt so lied too.

Your words were the truth I never wanted to know and yet, now that I know I feel free and at peace.

One second I am anger and just can’t shake the feeling that I am feeling right now.

I’m stuck in a hard place that I really don’t see it turning out good for you but, for me there are so many paths to take for you have broken the chains that held me back all these years.

I thought I knew the puzzle I had been building but along the ways a couple of pieces were lost and I found myself trying to find in pieces…

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Come read Sabrina’s – BACKBONE emerging from the ashes!

Sabrina Escorcio


Indelible line drawn with precision

From a shrouded mind along her spine

Drenching broken heart fragments

Deep into the ink pot of existence

Then painting strength into vertebrate

As a backbone emerges from the ashes

Sabrina Escorcio

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I say,

Come enjoy Megha’s answers to romantic questions in – I SAY!!

Megha's World


I’m in entwined with you
you ask me how
I say,
as the vines embrace the
strong arms of the tree
for their love and sustenance
I say,
I’m inseparable from you
you ask me how
I say,
as the
clouds hiding the
bouts of rain in them
I’m submerged in you
you ask me how
I say,
as the rivers gushing and rushing
towards oceans
to dwell in their forever
I rise from you and fall in you
You ask me how
I say,
as the fragrance of the flower
which soothes and pacify us
and still is inseparable
I’m born out of you
You ask me how
I say
as the two halves of a soul
sliced and living separately
till we make it one.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Elaborate

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Ordinary Magic

Come and read Christine’s – ORDINARY MAGIC!! Can any magic be “Ordinary? LOL!

Brave & Reckless

ordinary magic 2

Moonlight and shadow

play against my walls

trace my curves

reveal my secrets

in this backside of the night

owls swoop by my open window

hooting softly in the velvet dark

black cats swirl around my ankles

while I crush lavender and thyme

between my fertile palms

and begin to weave my spells

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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The Shoes

Come and imagine in the poem – THE SHOES!

MW the Mermaid

What if he
The poor chap bullied
Is your favourite secret blogger
What if she
Who talks so slowly
Is the owner of that start-up
What if
Why do you
Think again
Why don’t you
If you can’t see
You can’t be
Think on your own
Do what you truly feel

Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved.

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My Anti-Bucket List

Come and learn about an anti-bucket list in – MY ANTI-BUCKET-LIST and then come add yours in the comments!


I understand the idea of mulling over and writing down the things we wish, hope and want to do and ticking them off once we’ve accomplished it and for me, it somehow helps me to live out the best possible life I could, though sometimes, I just end up disappointed as it ends up ruining my expectations.

So this time, for a change, I’m writing down the things I hope to never do — or hope to never do again, things I don’t plan to do, things I hope to never happen — or  hope to never happen again, before I kick the bucket. This list isn’t all-inclusive, of course, but read on.

  1. Stop reading. 📖
  2. Stop singing. 🎤
  3. Get tattooed.
  4. Marry or have an affair with a married man.
  5. Break someone’s heart. 💔
  6. Hold a spider. 🕷
  7. Stop learning new things.
  8. Go to prison or be arrested.
  9. Ignore complicated…

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Beyond Imagination

Come and look at learning throughout life in – BEYOND IMAGINATION!

Roth Poetry


I have been pushed and shoved all my life

Thanks to friends who cared…

Seeing more in me than I see in myself

Learning to do more than I could ever imagine

From computers to art // writing memoirs // and poetry

Publishing books on Amazon //and writing a blog…

Things I never imagined ten years ago

Susan // Kym // and Tom

Encouraging // urging // helping me

Opening doors to new worlds of wonder

Imagination that knows no end

Wonderful friends all over the world

Communicating with me every day

Keeping me on the edge of inspiration

Photo: Ruth Roth

Our challenge today comes from Mish at d”Verse. Looking at learning that continues throughout life, she asked us to write a poem telling about something we are learning.

I am forever thankful for friends, whom I mention in my poem, who have urged me to move into the…

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