Come and read Sabrina’s wistful thoughts on – COFFEE

Sabrina Escorcio


Gently you caress
the rim of your cup,
in every last sip.
Each day
you return to it,
just as much in need.
As your calloused fingers
grasp alabaster porclean,
I sit across the table
in our solitary togetherness.
Unsure if I am to be envious
of the vessel itself,
or the liquid that fills it.
So I ponder…
slowly fading into the paper
that lines the walls of my mind.
coffee sits bitter
on my tongue.
I have no choice
but to swallow it down.

Sabrina Escorcio

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Sarah’s piece is dedicated to everyone that aspires to write or create art. Do it. Share it. Don’t give up. Come read – APPRECIATION.

Sarah Doughty

“‘What if no one appreciates me?’
But darling, what if they do?”

Being a creator isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes courage to let others see. You ask, “What if no one appreciates my art?” Because what if they don’t like it? What if the world scoffs at something you poured your heart into? You’d feel like a failure.

But darling, what if they don’t? What if you find people that do love what you create? Wouldn’t it be worth it? That’s why it feels so freeing once your art is out there for other eyes to see. You won’t always find the ones that love you. But you will find your tribe. You will. Don’t give up on your dream.

© Sarah Doughty

This piece is dedicated to everyone
that aspires to create art.
Do it. Share it. Don’t give up.

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Come and enjoy this romantic love poem – Carry My Love To Him Oh Wind!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

I am sitting on the terrace,
Playing my guitar.
Lost in you, I am scripting songs,
Right from my heart.

With my eyes softly closed,
And a smile across my face.
My soul sings songs,
Of our own happy place.

Heart glowing, hair blowing,
My fingers strum.
They don’t need permission,
To write their own romance rhythm.

Turning to the skies above ,
A prayer I silently say,
“Oh! be the messenger of my love to him,
In your own mysterious way.

Let the wind carry my love to him,
Wherever he is.
Let him feel my love right now,
As I blow him a kiss.

Let the wind reach his heart,
And whisper to his soul.
His girl awaits him quietly,
He is the only one that makes her  whole”.

© Sona, 2018

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It Didn’t Ask Me

Come and see if you feel the same way about time – IT DIDN’T ASK ME!

Midwest Fantasy Writes

goodbyeHow dare time not stop for a moment!

It didn’t ask me

if it could continue

to tick like it had somewhere to go

It didn’t ask me

if I wanted

just one more moment to smile at him

It didn’t ask me

if I needed

one more minute to give my last advice

It didn’t ask me

if I yearned

for just one more hug

from the baby I could still see in his eyes

It didn’t ask me

if I longed

to relive those 20 blessed years

It didn’t ask me

and kept ticking




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