Come and delight in Nature’s – SOCIALITE!

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and my life emerges

one of the earth’s many gifts

and with magic in my wings

I journey above quilted clouds

 above the sun-drenched land

I flit hither and thither

oozing charisma

 my stage

  set as

 nature’s social butterfly


We are coming back to the use of metaphor to describe a concept or life, this week. Elton John’s “A Candle in the Wind” has been immortalized for posterity.

Have you ever been inspired to think of a life, while viewing a mountain, river, animal, bird, insect, plant or any other element of nature? Pen down your thoughts in whatever manner they occur to you. Let it all flow … there need not be a conclusion, as a flow depicts the spirit more than anything else.-Reena Saxena

Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week 34

williamblake_thefly_yale  An interesting poem by William Blake, where he philosophizes on life, on seeing a fly.


I’d be delighted…

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