Come let – FLAMES OF PASSION ignite your soul’s imagination!!

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

Bring me to life with your words,
Ignite me with the strokes of your lips.
Can you hear my heart thudding, or is it yours I hear?
Flames dancing between us, charring away our strips .

Together, windswept , we ride the skies,
Reaching worlds beyond this world.
These embers of desires are fuelled by love,
Lost and found in a swirl.

Boundaries fade , melding us in one,
As whispered caresses sizzle the skin.
Like stars colliding, shattering the night,
Blazing a fire deep within.

Higher and higher, smoulders burn,
leisurely licking the darkness.
Touching its peak, a wild crescendo,
Into nothingness, into beingness.

© Sona, 2018

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Love Quietly Waits

Come read Andrew’s moving love poem and find out where – LOVE QUIETLY WAITS!
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The Lonely Author


Love Quietly Waits


Is there anything sadder than
Parallel lines in love that will
Never have the chance to meet

For what could be crueler than
Knowing they are a perfect pair
But intersecting could never be

If there is a place where the horizon
Finally meets the sea, that is where
Love quietly waits for you and me.


Photo from Google Images.

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