By Charles Robert Lindholm

I may not leave a mark on life
like the mighty and the great
no wealth or fame, no prodigy
for I bloomed in life too late

but I have found some wisdom
in the words that passed through me
it’s the gift that I was given
they are my legacy

and like a mother to my words
I’m glad it was my role
to have a part in touching you
within your heart and soul

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “MY LEGACY – REPRISE

    1. I will have to trust your reaction is that of the majority and just have to trust in the law of large numbers to know that there will be those who will be touched! Thank you, My Dear for your “Written Reassurances”!!!


    1. Yes, exactly! The only way men can create something that has a life of it’s own is through writing, art, sculpture. I feel the same about my words too! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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