Nature’s Beauty (poem)

Come and see the delightful and lovely portrait of – NATURE’S BEAUTY!!!

Blue Sky Days 365

Take a moment to open your eyes
and really look around
Observe the beauty of the world
and listen to the sound
Of crickets chirping in the grass
and the buzz of busy bees
As dusk approaches we can hear
birds singing in the trees
Appreciate the meadows green
and sunset’s glowing light
The twinkling stars within the sky
that brighten up the night
Watch springtime lambs and daffodils
as clouds float in the sky
See autumn leaves in rusty shades
fall from branches high
The contrast of the seasons
gives ever changing hues
From crisp white snow to golden sands
and sparkling seas of blue
So, get up from what you’re doing
and take a walk outside
be mindful as you experience
our beautiful countryside

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley

via Observe — Prompts – The Daily Post

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