Come and enjoy Andrew Green’s whimsical and fun poem – ASTONISHED!

Andrew Green's Poems

pexels-photo-848740.jpegAstonished, astounded

Surprised and quite shocked

My faith in humanity

Shaken and rocked!

You oughtn’t have done it

You really should not.

It’s really quite dreadful

And won’t be forgot!

Astonished, confounded

Confused and bemused

Who’d have expected

That you’d hold such views?!

It’s really surprising

I’m taking it hard

Just so astonished

You’ve caught me off guard.

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davidbrucehaiku: value

Come and learn the secret of saving $1,825.oo a year when you stop this daily habit (NOT quitting smoking but that would save you more money and help your health).

davidbruceblog #2





a cup of coffee

can cost five dollars;

a song one dollar


NOTE: A song download on Amazon costs usually .89, .99, or 1.29, plus tax. Forgo the cup of coffee from a fancy coffee shop and instead buy one song each day, and in a year, you will have saved much money, have a good music collection, and have supported music-makers.


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Rude Mood ~ An Unromantic Tuesday – #poetry

Come and read why you should never go to bed angry!!!!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

It started out quite innocently
A conversation they had over dinner

Nothing was said nicely, nor eloquently
And no one would come out the winner

Name calling commenced, round the table
It got uglier as time went on

Each one got their own special label
The lines in the sands, had been drawn

Back and forth, it went for hours
Until hunger won out, and they ate

The next day, the misses got flowers
The next day, was one day too late

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Our Moments

Come and Drift back into those heavenly memories you keep in “Our Moments”!!!!

Midwest Fantasy Writes

our moments

If I close my eyes

I drift in moments

we made ours

in confines of

two bodies

two minds

one secret world

clouded with

lust-filled hands

life saving kisses

intense sounds of pleasure

pounding waves of unforgettable

and honesty

pure honesty

in its most naked, raw form




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Ooma – Almost Free Phone Service Over The Internet

Here’s a way to cut your phone costs each month!  How about almost free??  Use Ooma instead of your land line.

We have had this service for almost six years and we love it!  Phone service over the internet and you just pay the taxes of about $11.oo a year!

Check out this great post that explains it.