Keep me Singing

Do Not Miss this Awesome post!!!! Come and read one of the very best ways to keep happy and “in love with love” and everyone else in “Keep Me Singing”.

A Writer's Soul

Keep my singing, loud and off key,
Make me a part of your symphony, forever etched in the notes,
Let them play across the spans of time, endlessly in harmony,
Its lyrics touching every heart that fell in sync with the melody of you and me.
Dance with me under the rain,
Our song that plays on repeat in my heart,
Keeping my feet light as air and I twist and turn,
Leaving my sorrows and worries behind, trailing along a newfound path to you.
Hold me tight when I fall into your arms,
Hum with me, laughing when our pitches stagger and we can’t stop giggling.
I hope this song will stay with me forever,
When I can no longer write the lyrics onto the pages,
The days when my heart is clouded with doubt and false memories,
And when I cannot recall the words, let our melody stay…

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davidbrucehaiku: real art

Come learn who the best artist in the world really is??? Mother Nature!!

davidbruceblog #2





a field of flowers

put it in a museum

because it’s real art


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“There was a time when I had all the answers… I discovered that the questions to which I had the answers were not the important questions”

The perfect quote for every Know-It-All you’ve known or will ever meet!

Art of Quotation

“There was a time when I had all the answers. My real growth began when I discovered that the questions to which I had the answers were not the important questions”

Reinhold Niebuhr, author, religious figure

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Doodles For You!!

Come read Saloni being candid and funny in her poem “Doodles For You”

Vintage Sapience

An attempt at being funny, candid and very (very) truthful!

Doodle for you
I’m curvy.
Flavor for you
I’m witty.
Nature for you
I’m rosy.
Lesson for you
I’m funny!

Life with me
It’s peachy!
Loving with me
It’s easy.
Mornings with me
They’re cosy.
Prospect with me
It’s sunny.

Messing with me
It’s risqué.
Perfection with me
It’s a guarantee!
Limit with me
It’s infinity.
Forever with me
It’s lovely!

Adventures with me
There are many!
Talk with me
It’s quirky.
True me
Very wordy.
Yearn for me
All skinny!

Layers for you
I’m nerdy.
Decoded for you
I’m meaty!
You for me
All hunky!
I for you?
A little funky!

Compelling emotions,
Stringing words to poetry
Positively falling in love
Unawares, with yours truly!

This was first posted on the blog in April 2016.

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A Vow ~ #NaPoWriMo #poetry

Come enjoy Dorinda’s great post on writing in the Wee Hours of the night!!!!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I should really
be in bed
but sleep escapes
and I’m awake instead

Too many words
that need to flow
I remember when
they told me so

If you start writing verse
in every way
it’s all that you’ll do
from dusk til day

For it’s in the wee hours
of the night, I seize
as I let my fingers
stroke the keys

With a clacking noise
in the quiet night
the sound of poetry
at last, I write

Releasing words
of this, I vow
til morning wakes
tis my bedtime now

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of April and another #NaPoWriMo has come to an end.  I’ve enjoyed writing a poem a day for 30 days.  I hope you enjoyed reading them 

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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