You are not everyone’s Cup of Tea !!

Come read how to enrich your life by giving your attention and time to those who love you – the one’s in your Tribe!!

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You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea… and That’s OK

I recently came across the following passage online via a meme, and it immediately blew me away. The words stuck a chord and I immediately started to think about how we all really waste our time to this… It’s such a powerful piece of writing that can change your life for the better if you read and understand the message.

Just think, how much time have you wasted trying to impress people who don’t really matter? Trying to make people like you but still  those haven’t stayed in your life?

We spend so much time focussing on the people who don’t matter that we can sometimes neglect the people who really love and support us unconditionally. Think of them now, think of the last time you told them just how much they mean to you. Make a plan to talk to…

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