[141] Echoes of Silence

Come see if you have the same kind of memories echoing in empty rooms!

Smoke words every day.

You left your memories
To echo in this empty room
Each corner of which hides the
fragrance of your lilac breath
The walls capture your heels
when I held you by the waist

It feels as if this is a riverbed
of my insecurities
This empty room
It’s a result of avoidance
of my pain
It’s the culmination
of all that I dreaded
It’s the singular symbol
of my inability to love

I run around this empty space
No longer running away from you
But running away from what you meant
and how difficult it will be
to give meaning to this room again
To make this pain a memory
that only echoes in this room
and not in me

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3 thoughts on “[141] Echoes of Silence

  1. As I mentioned on Rahul’s blog, this poem is the voice of my brother. He exited the world via suicide in 2013, and the words in this poem help me to better understand his empty room and empty heart. Now it is us whose hearts and rooms are empty.

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    1. Hi Kim, So sorry for your loss!!! I am so happy that this post helped you. It helped me too, hence my share! My brother too chose to leave via his own hand so we share that! Your last words are so true for me too. There is an empty place that always makes me wish for a different outcome and what if’s!!!


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