I am Emerging as a Beautifully Strong Butterfly

Come read Dee’s insightful and inspiring description of her life to that of the caterpillar and the butterfly and the blessing of hope and dreams!

Thriving Not Surviving

For people who have known me for at least a few years, what is most notable about my life is the change I have undergone in just a short period of time. To use a (possibly overused) simile, my life has been like that of a butterfly.

Up until the time of my divorce I was just a caterpillar, going through life, just getting by.

I did the things I thought I was supposed to do, but I didn’t grow or change much during that time. I didn’t think I had to, I was just a caterpillar, that was who I was supposed to be.

But then I got divorced and everything changed. As an introvert, I turned inward, trying to figure out what this meant and who I really was supposed to be.

I wrapped myself in a cocoon, protecting myself from the outside world while I worked this…

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‘Whiskey lullaby

If you love finding poetic gems and seeds of inspiration I urge you to come read John’s, “Whiskey Lullaby” – they are every where! His turn of a phrase and words made me reread it!


Whiskey lullaby

I watched her undress slowly. She have found me drinking whiskey alone at the Monterey Bay. I drank the whiskey and sang poetry to the Pacific.
“My great love, my great and terrible love.
You told me once, I have found you and do no fear dear Johnnie,
I will love and honor you forever and a day.
I remember you sweet Jenny.
Your long legs and river blue eyes make me come alive and wish.
Great love are like the storms of the wild sea,
Just become myth and tale for the lover of the sea and the kiss.”

She slapped my face and you told me. “Dear Poet. The past is gone and you can’t hold regret. You have sung the whiskey lullaby enough. Dead love is just tangle memory we must forget and create better ones. She took me to her home. She took her…

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Come and let Keith show you that – “Everything Comes With A Price”!



Not only do we pay to live In every way but also with what we say,

To eat, have water, we must pay with a coin, a dollar hard earned.

The air we breathe, even dirt has a price on It, once something free,

Today, the time has come when nothing Is free, greed, pay or have nothing.

Love has Its own special price, much work and sacrifice Is most needed,

It too can be lost If not a daily concern, friendship has value, don’t take for granted.

When doing the right thing then there Is also a price to be paid In another way,

Standing up for that which we believe In, too speaking out loud has a big price.

Marching against, protesting, going against the law, right or wrong has Its price,

Everything comes with a price, growing old If ever so lucky…

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