Absence: erased

Come experience the longing feelings of absence combined with the joyful hope and yearning of a return in Jane’s – Abscense: Erased!

Jane Dougherty Writes

For today’s NaPoWriMo prompt.

I watch you go, pull out of sight

along thenarrow, leafy road

where nothing stirs except thegentle

flutter ofthe timid birds.

I watch you go while nothing stirs,

no breeze, no bending creaking boughs;

a rustle in last year’s dead leaves

the only sign that life still breaths

though out of sight, heartbeatsaway.

Mute and motionless, I stand

in the roadway silentnow

and empty, waiting for the dusk,

the steady lowering of the sun

that marks the timeuntil the leafy

narrow road will bring you back.

I watch you go, become a tree,

so still the blackbird starts his song

and weaves its honeyed thread about

the hawthorn blossom’s putrid scent.

Absence shrinks the heart as dry

as last year’s shrivelled fallen leaves.

I watch the road,

the flutter of dead leaves,

heartbeats silent,

mute the dusk,

the sun,

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