Love Making

Come read Megha’s delightful and delicious piece written with such intimacy, sensuality, passion and desire!

Megha's World

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name.Read it here

When you roam
inhabit me completely
and wildly 
trace your origins 
in the freckles on my body
and breathe me as your air
and exhale out the
breath laced 
in passion and desire
When you touch 
with the
fingertips which 
ignite a spark in my soul
and sets my soul on fire
so I can barely breathe
and I gasp 
for the next wave 
of air laced with 
my carnal desire
When you speak 
love from those crimson lips
every verse dripping 
from those 
parting petals
sings the beautiful 
a melody so divine
a treat for my ears
a sight for my 
ashen eyes.
When we make love
we give birth 
to a new poem
art so sublime
etched in our soul
for now and ever
in the ripples of time.

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