Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 166 – Smile!

Come and read our friend Ritu’s great post on Smiling!!!

But I Smile Anyway...


You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”

Charlie Chaplin

This, Spidey, just encapsulates what I am about.

I truly believe, and you will have heard read me say write this before, that pretty much everything can be turned around with a smile.

Sure, there are times when even the thought of turning the corners of your mouth upwards seem like an impossibility, but sooner or later you will be able to do it, and when you do, just feel the difference to your day.

When times are bad, sometimes a smile lightens your load.

A supportive smile can help another more than you know.

Smiling is good for your health. You can exercise a good few muscles, just by flashing a grin at a passerby – see, good feelings and calorie burning in one go!

Creativity is also meant to be affected by smiling

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Over and over again.

Come and read John’s intimate and romantic love poem:
“Over And Over Again”!


Over and over again

I’m trying to run from your memory and when you appear in my dreams.
You whispered to me in a sweet dream.
Over and over my dearest.
We can run but we cannot hide.
Even love afar,
make the heart wish to be serenade by true love caress.

The tapestry of life, never fair.
You and I, soul mates in some distance place and today.
We are captured by the turmoil of life.

I know, as you do.
If I had you near.
I would drink of your lips, your skin and fall into your serene breasts.
I would never release you and I would pray.
Please hold me close and caress my face and hair till we could not, no-more.
Please make me feel alive again.
I would want you to whisper to me,
you are capture and you are my love alone.

Over and…

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