By Charles Robert Lindholm

she’s so loving
and yet unloved
so caring
though she’s neglected
she’s giving
but never given to
a beautiful lady
who lives life unadmired
a wonderful woman
who longs to be desired

her heart is tender
so she’s been hurt
it’s filled with warmth
but she gets burned
her touch is gentle
but not returned
she knows the truth
but hasn’t learned

her kiss is sweet
she gets a token
her pain is deep
but goes unspoken

she has a dream
a love she longs for
her heart is broken
but has a hunger
her soul is searching
she hopes for more

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

14 thoughts on “SHE HOPES FOR MORE – REPRISE

    1. Thank you Dear E!! I so appreciate your kind comment! It make this Little Ol’ Poet happy to hear you enjoyed this!! Yes, this made me shed some tears for this Lovely Lady that fell into acceptance rather than taking steps to move forward!

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  1. Tell it! You have perfectly described the inner thoughts of many women over 50 who are widowed or divorced. At a certain age women in America become invisible. This is a common thread among still beautiful,vital,intelligent females who have much to share. Men often latch on to another partner. Women tend to finally embrace and value themselves. But sometimes we long for validation. Well done! You figured us out!

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