From My Eyes to Your Heart

Come and read Nandita’s romantic and moving love poem!

A Tangle of Weeds

“Do you see the mischief in my eyes?”
Asked she to him
He closed his eyes and said
My love, I’m a blind man, do not rebuke

Horrified, she said “how cruel!
Here, for you, I am doing up my eyes”
He calmly smiled and said
“In those eyes, therein my breath dips and sighs”
“All my senses are ensnared, oh my sweet beloved,
I die a hundred deaths
Every time I see the soft curl of your lips
I can see no one but you
Your voice is what I hear
Though the clock chimes all the time
Time begs for me to have you near.
I touch you through my skin
Tracing the contours of your angelic face
I imagine the taste of your lips
To be sweeter than any hymn in praise”

She basked in glory
Of such sweet love woven in words
One more question though…

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