By Charles Robert Lindholm  4/28/2015   


Every night I count my blessings

and I‘m thankful for each one

’cause I know I‘ve not been promised

I‘ll see the rising sun


Every moment is so precious

every day is special too

but the memories that I treasure most

have all been made with you


You are the love I‘ve longed for

You are my dream come true

and I know each day

that I am Blessed

when I wake up next to you 

© 2015 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

There is nothing quite so wonderful as waking up with your BELOVED!!!

9 thoughts on “I AM BLESSED – REPRISE

    1. Oh My Dear! I am so happy that these words made you happy! This is a comforting poem for me too!
      I so appreciate you taking your precious time to read what I write and post and hope you find it worthy!


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