By Charles Robert Lindholm   2-24-2017   4:50 a.m.

 calliope-greek-museI wait for her each morning

in the backside of the night

in the final hours of darkness

just before, the dawn’s first light

 I long for her arrival

so in darkness I can see

and I listen like a lover

to her whispered words

for me

 she comes and she surrounds me

and the thrill, it still astounds me


she softly sighs and tells me

things I need to hear

she wraps herself around me

and gently holds me near


and in those tender moments

the ecstasy is real

and I write so I’ll remember

the way she makes me feel


I wait for her each morning

in the backside of the night

with a lover’s lust that’s burning

just before, the dawn’s first light


and though she’ll never, belong to me

you know each day, I long to be

alone again,

with my, Calliope

© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

An inspirational thanks to MKVECCHITTO of STEPS TIMES TWO blog

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    1. Oh, Sona! You are making me blush!!! You just made my week!!!! So happy you enjoyed this so much!! Your comment is so wonderful and inspirational for me! Your response is why I write!!!!

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    1. Thank you, My Dear Lesley! I am always so happy when something I have written touches your heart!! Loved your comment! Well, for me I would be out of words for sure! Yes, I’ve been very happy with my Muse to be sure! I feel tempted to ask for more but I saw Oliver Twist! Ha!

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    1. Why, thank you, My Dear! That is so very sweet of you to say, but being “The Reluctant Poet” it is hard for me to believe that but it that is true for you then YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY!!!! Thank you again!


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