By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I cannot write in cursive
when I write poetry,
when I write about you
and the life we had 

I have to print slowly
and steadily
as the feelings
and emotions
roll over my soul again,
like a new tsunami
every time I write about us
in a new and different poem 

I have to hold my hand steady
through the wave of tears
and the aftershocks
of a life changing earthquake
in my heart
and life
that ended us 

my hand shakes
and wavers
when I try to write
about you
and us 

my words end up
looking like the scribbled lines
of a child
with no meaning
to anyone but me
if I attempt
to write in cursive
so I have to print
each letter
and each word
in order for a reader
to feel my feelings
and understand
what my heart
wants to say 

I cannot write
in cursive
when I write

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Vyen’s poem “She Is The Poem” on Poetsalbum on WordPress.com  Thank you for your little seed of inspiration to me.


    1. Thank you so much, Helene!! So happy this reached out to you!! It is one of my favorites. I think there were a couple of tear stains left on the paper. Thank you for finding this dusty poem!!
      Happy Easter!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! So happy you enjoyed this! Yes, this was a little bit emotional for me to write too! So sorry for the belated response, My Friend!


    1. Oh, Thank you so much, Megha!! So kind of you to reblog this and the other pieces you shared too! Loved your comment!! Made me smile! I’ll be curious what response you get???


  1. You have written with such beauty on a deep and very emotional subject.
    How do we ever properly give words to such sorrow and joy combined in one poem.
    Cursive or other forms……they can all in their beauty just indicate the strength of
    the emotions.

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    1. Thank you, My Dear Miriam! I so appreciate your comment and great insights! You are so right about not properly being able to capture the emotions. I have a post ready for when I return on that subject.

      I hope you will enjoy my REPRISE posts while I’m playing hooky!
      Have a great day,

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    2. Dear Miriam, Just revisiting this and wanted to thank you again for your view and sweet comment on this post! I am so very happy that this touched you! I think you may have given yourself a seed of inspiration in your words – “How do we ever properly give words to such sorrow and joy combined in one poem.” I think you have the basis of a poem there??

      I so enjoy your words!! Happy Easter, My Dear!


    1. Thank you, Dear Lesley!! I’m so happy this touched your soul! Your comment is too kind. This brought tears to me as I wrote the last stanzas too! It means a lot to me that this reached your heart!

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    1. Thank you so much, My Dear Megha!! You have made my day and more!! One of the sweetest comments ever!!! Really, you cried? Well, you know for a poet that is “Mission Accomplished”! Proof that this touched your heart.

      Thank you so much for the reblog! I am so honored! Are you going to tell of your tears?? I want you to know that the last two stanzas got tears out of me as I was writing it too! This was me looking back at the first year after my 2nd wife and I split up (and she took off with her boyfriend). Another one of the few Stream of Consciousness pieces I’ve written. I seem to write better this way than most of my other writing!! Thanks again, My Dear!

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      1. Yes, I did..I was already welled up when I started reading but the second last stanza just broke me down…and yes I do feel the same whenever I write..I have broken down quite a few times while finishing my own pieces..Guess that what makes us writers.If it can’t touch our own hearts how can it touch anybody else’s?

        I have not reblogged this today, will do it tomorrow cause I already reblogged your “Eyes” post and want to keep some space between the reblogs so that the readers can enjoy them well.

        This one I’m saving it forever.

        Love and Hugs,

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        1. Well, I’m glad we are on the same wavelength! The last two got me!! I’m so happy you are able to have your words touch you too! That is the true test of a poet – if your words touch the heart of a reader – even if it’s you!

          You honor me more than I’m worthy of but I’m so pleased that you are saving this in your forever box!

          Love and Big Hugs, to you Dear Megha!

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