By Charles Robert Lindholm

if you’ve never had it
you never miss it
but once you’ve had it
you miss it

you are chocolate to me
and I miss it
            the smell
            the taste
            the creamy smooth texture

sinfully delicious
sensual sweetness
exquisitely delightful

you are white chocolate to me
you have created a craving
a pleasure
a joy
a satisfaction

and I miss it

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

22 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE TO ME – REPRISE

    1. So happy you enjoyed this. Your comment was so “Sweet” he, he! I hope you got to savor the sweetness that was hidden between the lines and in the shadows – speaking of “comparisons”? Yes?

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    1. Yes, so true but if you look a little deeper you will find the meaning between the lines. Ha!! Love it so much that you are a consistent supporter of my blog! Always love to see your alerts!!


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