Materialistic Possessions

Come read “Materialistic Possessions” and learn why – More – is never enough!

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The miseries of life
somehow gave him an illusion
that the key to happiness was money,
and it was the only source
that could help him achieve
everything he was so far deprived off.

So he went on a spree,
crossing every barriers,
going berserk
and smashing all glees

He prioritize money over everything else,
compassion and passion,
emotions and love,
for him everything
should lead to earning dough

So, he grossed a lot of moolah,
but it was never enough,
for the race was never ending,
as he was caught in a vicious circle
with no defined finish goal.

The whirlwind of having more
never found a reason to slow,
but in the process
he lost his own soul.

Then one day when he took a pause
he was aghast to notice
everyone he knew had drifted
from his life’s shore,
no one was there with

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