On Friends & Friendships

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imagesSocial media has made it possible for people to become friends to anyone around the globe merely through the click of a button. I think it’s generally a good thing. My need for friendship isn’t too much but once I decide to build one, I intend to make it genuine as much as I can. Somehow, maintaining friendships can be hard work but so worth it at the same time because our friendships are one of the most influential and essential parts of our life. Recently, I’ve been pondering quite often about my friends and friendships. The friends worth keeping and friendships worth saving. The fact of the matter is that, my social circle is quite noticeably shrinking. I don’t see that as a bad thing. I actually think I quite understand now what they mean with “less is more” and “quality over quantity.”

images (1)I first arrived in Kuwait on the 1st…

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Materialistic Possessions

Come read “Materialistic Possessions” and learn why – More – is never enough!

Confab With Me

The miseries of life
somehow gave him an illusion
that the key to happiness was money,
and it was the only source
that could help him achieve
everything he was so far deprived off.

So he went on a spree,
crossing every barriers,
going berserk
and smashing all glees

He prioritize money over everything else,
compassion and passion,
emotions and love,
for him everything
should lead to earning dough

So, he grossed a lot of moolah,
but it was never enough,
for the race was never ending,
as he was caught in a vicious circle
with no defined finish goal.

The whirlwind of having more
never found a reason to slow,
but in the process
he lost his own soul.

Then one day when he took a pause
he was aghast to notice
everyone he knew had drifted
from his life’s shore,
no one was there with

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I Need A Stiff One

Do Not Miss, Bunny’s frolicking erotic exploit – be prepared to laugh!!

Southern Georgia Bunny

I had a great Saturday. I spent the whole day out and about with friends. Mini spa day and treated myself in between. A little day drinking happened too, no judgements!

Day drinking happens, lol.

It’s later on, time for a bar or two with my peeps. I’m sitting at the bar with my girls. One of our favorite local bands is playing. This was a complete surprise to us! Yep, it’s going to be a good night. I order another drink and pad Thai with tofu at the bar. Yes, our favorite hole in the wall bar has delicious Thai food.

It’s a local secret. Shhh, don’t tell!

A gentleman walks up next to me at the bar. He asks the bartender for the following, a triple Basil Hayden’s on the rocks. I automatically recognize the pricey brand and think to myself, maybe he doesn’t realize that this is…

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Is It Time To Leave?

Come and learn when – “Is It Time To Leave”

Discovering Your Happiness

Hello loves, ❤

Even a relationship that starts off great can suddenly take a turn in another direction unexpectedly. And irrespective of what you are taught and told, fairytale endings don’t exist in relationships. Don’t get me wrong. You can have a great relationship with someone and which can feel mystic, warm, and euphoric. But, love is much more complicated than that. It is why when you are trying to figure out if you should stay or leave a relationship, it is a decision that can easily torment you.

Here are some clear signs to help you know when to walk away from your significant other versus staying put.

1. You argue incessantly. 

This is a tricky one. If you have been in a long-term relationship, it’s so easy to emotionally shut down when you feel like your significant other doesn’t understand you. Every couple argues. It’s a norm in…

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

A Pill
My Highs 

Rob Me
Or My Glee 

A Robin Hood
Of Sorts
But Only

A Pill
Will Fill
My Dark Valleys 

Make Them
Not So Deep 

My Days
More Level 

It’s Easier
To Sleep 


Copyright (C) 2018 Charles R. Lindholm – All Rights Reserved