What is unconditional love? ♾

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What is unconditional love? I suppose the answer may vary as opinions always do. Our 3D world is waking up to self love, soul healing, and self care which is beautiful and will continue to raise our planet’s vibrational frequency! This is wonderful, but to love another human unconditionally is the highest vibration we can send out to the universe.

Is unconditional love easy? If you have children, loving your children no matter what, is easy! You may not like them sometimes, but you LOVE them no matter what, unconditionally.

What about loving another human unconditionally by choice? Or have you been magnetized to love someone unconditionally? What exactly does it mean to love someone unconditionally? I think I’ve got it……

You love them if they are having bad days. You love them if they may not say or do something that you were wanting them to say or do…

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