In the Nick of Time, I Have Thwarted the Enemy

Come read “In The Nick Of Time I Have Thwarted The Enemy” and see if it might be You!

Thriving Not Surviving

Each of us has a different enemy to face, that thing that is holding us back, keeping us from reaching our full potential. Who is yours? Your parents? Wife? Husband? Kids? Genetics? Luck? Fate? Kharma?

Who is to blame?

We blame discrimination, but there are successful people in every color. We blame inequity, but there are prosperous people from every gender. We blame favoritism, but there are wealthy people who have never been popular. We blame poverty, but there are famous people who have been homeless. We blame genetics, but there are fruitful people who have never been able to see.

Why have these people succeeded when others fail?

This is a question I desperately sought to answer, and in finding the answer I have thwarted the enemy. I have slayed the dragon. I have defeated the beast. I have conquered the castle.

I did not find the traitor by…

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