Bunny In Black

Come and enjoy Bunny’s great “Investigative Adventure”!!!

Southern Georgia Bunny

Hello my beloved readers! I’ve missed all of you. Work has been killing me lately. But I’ve come up for air again, to be with all of you.

Due to the fact that work has been a major Bitch lately, tax season… I haven’t had much time for dating. But that hasn’t stopped me from helping out my girls on their dating escapades.

My girlfriend has been dating tall, dark, and handsome for three months. She’s practically in love with him. So this has made her oblivious. He’s showing cautionary signs that every single woman should know and be aware of.

What are the cautionary signs? I’m so glad that you asked my beloved readers. They are as follows:

1. Not wanting to meet any friends or family

2. Never wanting to be seen in public

3. No pictures or social media posting or tagging

4. Not a dog lover

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