the last forever ~

Come read Tornadoday’s heartfelt and moving “The Last Forever”



it’s not the way
I’d meant to say –
the way I meant to leave you
was not the plan
you’d understand
if e’er you knew my faults
for staying here
for one more year
one more night of dreaming
of faraways
when another day
you’d wake to find me gone
with nothing sure
so insecure
was the line we crossed together
of rights made wrong
we strung along
beyond the last forever

. . .

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True Love

Come and read Kim’s post on “True Love”


And there you were again after years of silence.
Leaving me in a state of shock and sudden defiance.
My mind wondering after all these years,
If it was in fact true the things that my ears hear.
Timing and circumstance keeping us apart.
However, true love will find it’s way home if it is true love that you carry inside your heart!

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New poem quote!!

In the end only our truths survive, be it part of a process or life.

A revelation for me too!!😊💖🌻

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The Wind and I

Come and read Kim’s beautiful and wistful poem!


The wind flapped the shutter loose

I wish the wind was still

but it must accompany me on my walk

bending grass and turning mill.

I walked up to the reserve today

as I used to in earlier times

the breeze at my back sighing softly now

and tinkling all the wind chimes.

It looked the same as in former days

as I stood and surveyed around

like the wind it is myself that has changed

not the warm familiar ground.

What difference is there in me then

from the earlier, happier esteems

when like a gusting, rushing wind

I had energy, joy and dreams.

Now the dearest that I loved best

have gone away like memories lost

and my drowning senses of life and hope

are broken shipwrecks in a gale tossed.

I turned and made my way back home

the wind a warm caress on my cheek


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Restless in Daylight ~ #poetry #MarchWriting

Come read Dorinda’s delightful – Restless In Daylight!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Daylight finds me restless
I’d rather it be night

When moon shines down upon me
And I bathe within his light

The softness of his moonbeams
Cry out for me, in the dark

It is he, I answer willingly
In my soul, there is a spark

One that makes me fervent
For the wee hours to arrive

Here, I find my solitude
It’s when I come alive

March Writing Prompt:  Antsy Pantsy – Day 19/31

Poem and Photo ©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

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